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The British Taekwondo 2017 National Championships took place this weekend on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September, at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. The event was to be the biggest National Championships ever staged with a huge 927 competitors from 92 teams from around the country.

Club achieved 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze

Ammar Chaudhry – Gold,

Angelika Rola – Silver,

Aiden Clayton-Crosse – Silver,

Smeer Massoud – Bronze

Soud Soud – Bronze.

Master Sediqi would like to thank Mr Rahim Naimi and Mr Quaedullah Nasir for helping with the coaching and also big thank to all parents and friends for their support .

Our club see the learning of Taekwondo not only as a way of keeping fit and being able to defend yourself but also as a personal development program.  We pride ourselves on the diversity of our members, we are a group that caters for all faiths, religions, cultures and backgrounds and our Taekwondo family/team works in harmony together because we all value these basic common principles. 

We appreciate the hard work behind the scenes and the struggle these individuals encountered on their journey and It was a great team performance this weekend, (not forgetting of cause the ones that didn’t get medals), thanks and congratulations to everyone, players, coaches, parents and spectators.

Special thanks to Master Sediqi who’s vision, commitment, dedication is now beginning to shape the team and show remarkable improvements and great results. 

The club is really proud of you all.